Essence. Timeless. Innovation.

We create Spaces, Experiences & Emotions

Who we are

We are a Design Agency founded in New York specializing in Architecture, Interior Design & Experience Design. We elevate space experiences through sensorial and meaningful storytelling that connects the physical space with the body and mind.

Design with Senses was founded with the purpose to respond to a need in the current world for spaces with meaning that speak to all human senses. Nowadays the world is filled with visual content. Spaces have become disposable stages for social media trends instead of being lived, experienced and having a defined purpose. Our approach is to transcend experience through senses & memories, that evokes emotions beyond just visual appeals and provides responses beyond pure function.

Spaces that not only look good but also feel good.

Our senses determine how we experience and respond to the world around us. Our brain interprets the quality, the comfort and the atmosphere of our surroundings based on how it looks, how it smells, how it sounds, how it feels and in some cases how it tastes. When combining all these signals, our brains create a unique response through emotions.

Consciously or unconsciously when we walk into a space and we find a familiar smell, we hear a distant sound or we feel the warm light pouring from the window, it evokes in us distinct responses and emotions beyond the physical space itself, it connects us to our memory and soul, determining our mood, our behavior and how we feel.

These responses are universal and transcend the test of time.

Our design aesthetic is simple yet adaptable. We aim to restore the essence and meaning of spaces through the pursuit of a timeless design and the use of sensuous, rich, natural and durable materials. Our mindset is to find the balance between just the right amount of elements through a minimal approach with simple, clear, soft and seductive shapes.

Quality over quantity.

Innovation is the last key of our design process. Our research & strategy-led integrated design approach aims to push boundaries to create new spaces, combining technology, data & information. We build a seamless elevated living environment, always looking to keep things current and use the latest technology while designing with an everlasting sense of time.